During World War II, American officer Fred Kibbe (#1 Bastard) was stationed in Brisbane, Australia. The evening hours were often spent in the hospital “inhaling” spirits and enjoying good times with his friends and buddies. Along the way, the guys started using the term, “hey, you Old Bastard,” as a greeting amongst themselves, and it soon started the “Bastards We Have Met Club”. It was there that Fred recognized Australians often used the term “Bastard” as a term of endearment, ultimately resulting in the I.O.O.B. (International Order of Old Bastards Drinking Club) having well over a million Old Bastards and Old Bastardettes throughout the world. Fred returned to civilian life back in the United States (Florida to be exact), and being an avid correspondent, kept in touch with his Old Bastard buddies. When he sent off [business] cards to show the new informal designation, his friends not only liked the cards, but also wanted more to pass around to their friends. Fred obliged and the I.O.O.B. was informally born. From a few dozen allied officers in Brisbane, Australia in 1944, there are now well over 1 million Old Bastards throughout the world.  Priding itself on its loose requirements for membership, accept to party and have fun (a fundamental motorcycle club basic in all traditional MC’s), as well as no formal requirements for meetings or dues, the International Order of Old Bastards Drinking Club in certain areas often band together in groups not unlike the original Bastards of Brisbane, and continue the raucous traditions started by Fred Kibbe and his band of military I.O.O.B. Drinking Club contingent.

Over the years many I.O.O.B. chapters formed throughout the United States, Australia, Canada and beyond. They operated under a loose association of non-paying chapters, rules and regulations with only one object in mind - Party! It was in 1984 that one of the chapters located in (sin City) Las Vegas, Nevada, noticed when it was time to party most members showed up on American made Harley Davidson motorcycles. More importantly, a real bond and brotherhood had developed amongst these Bastard Harley Davidson Bikers. It was then the I.O.O.B Drinking Club of Las Vegas, NV formally transitioned into the I.O.O.B. MC (now OBMC) and became the Mother Chapter of the International Order of Old Bastards Motorcycle Club aka Old Bastards MC (OBMC). 

Like most Motorcycle Clubs around the Unites States and world, I.O.O.B. MC (OBMC) has had its growth spurts as well as contractions. We’ve had as many as 59 chapters throughout the US, Canada and Europe and as few as a dozen. What remains is a fervent core brotherhood that lives by a written “Biker Code” now over 30 years old* and continues to be honored by all patched members. Now on the membership upswing again, and directed by one of the founding I.O.O.B. MC (OBMC) Las Vegas members, “Jeff G” (International President) has turned another page by transitioning into a two-patch motorcycle club with an eye on expansion throughout the United States, Europe, South America and Canada. Like Fred, our International President can't seem to get enough party time with his brothers. What’s different is we ride, and we ride long and hard amongst our International and local chapter Brotherhoods.

These words to live by are brought to you by a past President: “Be a man to wear the patch don’t wear the patch to be a man, Say what you mean and mean what you say, Ride it like you stole it, Trust is earned not given, Against all odds never back down.

We regret that the biggest fun lover of them all, Fred Kibbe, left us in 1980. However, Fred would not want any of you to pause a moment from enjoying yourself as an Old Bastard. As he said many times: “Illegitimus Non Carborundum” (Don’t let the Bastards wear you down!)